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Friday, September 14, 2012

Communications, Languages & Culture, Inc. Lombard Damages & Losses, Du Page Co., Illinois USA

First Floor Office Deluxe Large United States American Flag on a Tall Pole from the Porch (2) White File Envelopes with Private Correspondance Red Chinese Year of the Dragon Personal Journal Peacock Silk Embroidery Thread Cones Sewing Quilting Templates Sewing Embroidery Double Needles from Nancy’s Notions Supplies Sewing Embroidery Triple Needles from Nancy’s Notions Supplies Sewing Supplies from Nancy’s Notions Sewing Fabrics from Pieceful Heart in Lisle, DuPage County, Illinois Sewing Notions and Fabrics from Hancocks Fabrics Martha Pullen Sewing Notions Sewing Embroidery Books Sewing Crafts Books Sewing Supplies Kenmore Embroidery Sewing Machine (2) Sears Craftsman Deluxe Electric Power Drills Deluxe Crayons Coloring Set Charcoal Painters Palette Set Painters Brushes Art Painters Colors Set U.S.A. Lawn Collapsible Chair Polaroid Instant Camera Olympus Camera, Media Video Tripod, Opera Binoculars (1) Miniature iPod in a Clear Plastic Case (2) Hewlett Packard Tower Computer and Monitor Adobe Software PhotoShop Microsoft Publisher Software Microsoft Windows Software Microsoft Access Software Microsoft Excel Software Microsoft Word Software WordPerfect Hewlett Packard IBM PS2 Personal Computer Software Packard Bell Lexmark Panasonic Translation Software and Hardware Project Management Disks Filing Plastic Case Office Business Swivel Chairs (3) Wooden Computer Desks (1) I-Omega Hard Drive Peripheral Portable Disk Drive (1) Imaging Hard Drive Peripheral Portable Disk Drive (1) Hewlett Packard OfficeJet Printer/Facsimile Black and White (1) Thermal Copy Machine/Scanner (1) NEC Pinwriter Printer (1) Toshiba Large Screen TelevisionVideo Editing Equipment (1) Sony Quadrophonic Stereo System with Dual Cassette Drive Panasonic DVD Player Philips Hand Personal Computer Docket and Accessories P-Touch Labeling Machine Portable TV Set Office Depot White Printing Paper and Office Supplies OfficeMax White Printing Paper and Office Supplies International Books Distributors, IBD Ltd. Dictionaries, Books, Reference Sources ACEBO Medical Interpreting in Spanish American Translators Association Directories Chicago Area Translator and Interpreter Association Directories Second Floor Office Neiman Marcus Silver Fox Fur Wrap, Silver Fox Fur-lined Leather Gloves, Silver Fox Head Warmer Neiman Marcus Navy Blue Hat in A Hat Box Motorola Mobile Telephones T-Mobile Mobile Telephones Sony Micro-Cassette Recorder with Sony Micro-Cassettes Chicago Area Translators Association Directories American Translators Association Directories Northeastern Illinois University (NEIU) Alumni Directory Madonna High School Diploma, Class of 1977 Graduation Photo Directory Avondale Elementary Grammar School Diploma and Photos Three Computer Desks Office Business Swivel Chairs (1) Hewlett Packard OfficeJet Color Printer/Fax/Scanner (1) Packard Bell Tower Personal Computer (1) Panasonic Monitor 17” Wooden Roll Top Desk OfficeMax Office Supplies, Business Stationery Office Depot Office Supplies, Business Stationery Office Stamping Supplies Illinois Notary Public Stamps, Seals Illinois Blue Book of Government Law Books Ethernet Translation Modems, Cables, Accessories, (1) Sony Home Studio Computer (1) Sony Monitor (2) Hewlett Packard Color Photography Printer for Posters (1) Packard Bell Multimedia Personal Computer (1) Hewlett Packard Software and Hardware CorelDraw Software Adobe Software Video Editing Software Business Marketing Software Porch Portable Small Television Set Portable Two-Wheeler Caddy Home Gardening Tools Set Two-Car Garage 2003 Derbi Motorcycle 150 CC Two (2) Motorcycle Helmets: Navy Blue and White – Size Large 2003 Derbi Motorcycle Battery Charger 2003 Derbi Motorcycle Spare Battery Sears Deluxe Cardiac Pacer Treadmill

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