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Sunday, June 22, 2014

My American Dream is to be compensated with cash and restitution for the...

My American Dream is to be compensated with cash and restitution for investing in Real Estate at the Village of Lombard, after buying two (2) Lombard homes with my Father Mr. Roberto Hung--a Historic Lombard Bungalow built in 1927 which had been owned by Debra Sekrecki and her father Adam Sekrecki.  My Chinese-Cuban family bought the American Dream and lived to own two (2) Lombard homes for Real Estate property in Illinois.  For the last 21 years, I have lived as a Lombard resident homeowner who invested in Real Estate property in Du Page County.  The Hung-Wittler Family has invested fully in the American Dream in Lombard, Du Page County, Illinois.

Four (4) months after my Father, Mr. Roberto Hung, purchased and paid full cash for the American Dream of owning a Lombard Historic Brick Bungalow, on September 2, 1996, he was severely injured at our Lombard home with a traumatic brain injury and aneurysm, upon return from  a full-day’s work at The Pampered Chef in Addison, and Dominick’s Fine Foods Store in Oakbrook Terrace, Du Page County, Illinois, USA.

What do you consider the American Dream to be?  Every American has the right to cash compensation and restitution as resident homeowners.

After owning Lombard real estate property in Du Page County, I consider the American Dream to be able to be free as an individual who has inherent and inalienable rights to freedom of speech, civil rights, Victims’ Rights, inclusion in civil procedure, the right to the pursuit of happiness.

My American Dream is to receive my cash on my Real Estate investment with a refunded payment, compensation, and restitution for my Lombard Real Estate Property Damages and Losses for Criminal Roofing Disaster Water Liabilities Caused by the Village of Lombard.

For the last 21 years, the Village of Lombard has been using me as a resident homeowner who has been abused, kidnapped, physically injured, tortured, and denied Victims’ Rights to be included in the civil proceedings against those persons who have injured me and denied me U.S. Constitutional Civil Rights in the Village of Lombard, District 5, near Saint Pius X Catholic Church Parish, the Deicke Home for the Retarded, and the Illinois Secretary of State Motor Vehicles Licenses Facility in York Township, Du Page County, Illinois USA.

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